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What is a ceiling track hoist?

A ceiling track hoist is a system which enables the lifting and positioning of highly dependent people who have severe disabilities or those bariatric patients needing to be lifted safely.

How does a ceiling track hoist work?

The most straight forward ceiling track system used is the Molift straight rail.  Which is generally used to lift a person from chair to bed and visa-versa.

The X-Y or H-System ceiling track is regularly used in rooms such as classroom. 

The benefit being the entire room can be easily covered.  This consists of rails running the length of the room.  A third rail attaches to either side forming a H shape on the ceiling.

The hoist is attached to the rail and can be pushed up and down the room.  The hoist can lift up and down, move left to right.  Thus, covering the entire room.

There are more advanced Molift ceiling track systems which can move from bedroom to bathroom/en-suite or complete systems running through an entire floor of a bungalow or care home.

What type of hoists are there?

There are two types of Molift track hoist solutions used on a ceiling track. 2 (Two) way and a 4 (Four) way system.

1. Two Way:  This ceiling track hoist lifts and lowers electronically and the service user can be manoeuvred left to right manually on the rail.

2. Four Way: This ceiling track hoist lifts, lowers and manoeuvres left to right electronically on the rail.

How is a ceiling track hoist charged?

Molift track hoists are charged in two ways.  There is an IRC (In Rail Charger) and an End Rail Charger.  The IRC enables the hoist to be charged anywhere along the rail.  Whilst the End Rail Charger is more simple and very cost effective.  The handset is plugged into a charger which is located on side of the rail.  The charger is hardwired into the mains power.

Who needs a ceiling track hoist?

Molift ceiling track hoists are used within the NHS, Care homes, Residential Nursing Accommodation, Private homes, Holiday homes, Hotels, B&B's and pretty much anywhere that can accommodate the needs of physically challenged people who require assistance when being lifted.

Needing further advice?

if you're looking for a ceiling track system, the AAL Group would be more than happy to freely assist you in your decision.  Call 01772 814555 or email servicing@aalgroup.co.uk