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Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)

Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)
Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)
Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)
Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)
Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)
Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)
Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)
Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)
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Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)


Introducing the Molift Air 200 Ceiling Hoist: A Compact Yet Powerful Solution

The Molift Air 200 is the latest addition to the renowned Molift Air family. Despite its compact size, it doesn't compromise on functionality, making it an exceptional choice for patient hoisting. With a substantial Safe Working Load (SWL) of 205kg and a lightweight design, the Molift Air 200 offers versatility and reliability.

A Flexible Ceiling Hoist:

Just like its Molift Air counterparts, the Molift Air 200 is compatible with both Fixed Track ceiling solutions and free-standing Portable systems. Its lightweight construction ensures easy installation and transfer, while the quick-release system simplifies the process. The included 2-button handset allows caregivers to control the hoist's lifting functions with ease. Moreover, the Molift Air 200 can be combined with a range of 2-point and 4-point spreader bars available in different sizes to accommodate various patient needs.

Key Facts:

Expected Lifetime: The Molift Air 200 is designed for long-term use, with an expected lifetime of up to 30,000 lifts over 10 years, ensuring its durability and cost-effectiveness.

Molift Service Software: The system includes the Molift Service Software, a valuable tool for maintenance and monitoring, providing timely service alerts and service history data.

Emergency Lowering: The Molift Air 200 is equipped with both mechanical and electrical emergency lowering options, ensuring safety in case of power outages or malfunctions.

Emergency Stop: The emergency stop feature is easily reachable from the floor using a string, allowing for immediate halting of the system in emergencies. It can also be reset from the floor for efficient handling of emergency situations.

What's Included:

- Molift Air 200 Ceiling Hoist

- Hand Control

- Charger

- Lithium Battery

The Molift Air 200 Ceiling Hoist is not just compact; it's a robust and adaptable solution for patient transfers. Its lightweight design, compatibility with various systems, and comprehensive safety features make it a reliable choice for caregivers and healthcare settings. Elevate your patient transfer experience with the Molift Air 200.

Witness the Molift Air 200 in Action!:

Battery charge time (hours)6MaterialAluminium, Plastic
Battery charger100–240 V AC, 40–60 HzProtection classIPX4
Expected lifetime30 000 lifts SWL/10 yearsSafe working load (SWL) (kg)205
Height (mm)195Service softwareMolift Service Tool
Hoisting interval (mm)3000Weight (kg)8,6
Hoisting speed 75 kg (mm/sec)60Width (mm)190
Length (mm)360
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