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Molift QuickRaiser 205

The Molift Quickraiser 205 is the new generation active lifter, enabling service users to be raised from a seating position to standing in a natural movement. With a SWL (Safe Working Load) of 205kg.

The Molift Quickraiser 205 Active is the latest addition to the group of outstanding hoists and stand aids created by the Molift team. This state of the art sit-to-stand hoist, made specifically for those users who can weight bear, has an electrically adjustable leg base, guaranteeing a substantial, safe and comfortable lifting capacity.

A Unique and Natural Lift

The Quickraiser 205 Active has advanced weight distribution technology, enabling anyone of limited mobility to be gently and securely lifted by it into a naturally upright position, rather than the hoist performing a ‘drag lift’. This unique and natural lift is assisted by the angled push bar and sling attachment, which supports the comfortable transfer of the wearer. The footrests also have no-slip stickers supporting the feet so that pressure can be put down without the foot sliding. 

The choice of small or large castors ensures the hoist will fit under most beds and chairs, and these lockable, uniquely placed castors provide both stability when lifting and exceptional manoeuvrability, particularly in tight spaces.

An Ergonomic Design

The Quickraiser’s ergonomic design will make it a favourite for carers, and the natural movement pattern of the lift, which brings the user up and forwards, will make it a choice purchase for them. Carers will find the hoist easy to operate in moving and handling situations, including toileting, sit-to-stand assistance and stand-up training.

Another great feature of the Molift Quickraiser 205 Active is its automatic warning function, which tells you when the hoist is due its annual inspection and servicing. AAL LTD offers this service, as well as a discounted 3 year servicing contract.*

Buying this product

AAL LTD offers a Molift Quickraiser 205 Active equipped with a Molift battery and charger. The charge in a Molift battery is enough to lift a 20+ stone person 10 times between recharging. It is a super light model, weighing only 1 Kg for ease of use.

The hoist is not sold with the RgoSling Active, which has an innovative belt to keep the user in place, and 4 straps which attach to the hoist for a wider spread. The sling connects to the 4-point spreader bar lifting arm which provides extra support when hoisting from a sit to stand position. The sling must be purchased separately, allowing a suitable size to be chosen for the user. The Molift RgoSling Active range has five sizes, from XS to XL.

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