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The New Molift Air 200 Ceiling Hoist

Date added 22/03/2019
The New Molift Air 200 Track Hoist, the perfect solution for day to day hoisting situations. .
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Travel hoist for the disabled

Date added 21/10/2017
The Molift Smart 150 is an excellent travel hoist for the disabled, I know, as I use it to go camping. If you want to talk to me (Stephen Pritchard) the company owner then please call 01772 814 555.
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What is the best portable hoist for children?

Date added 18/10/2017
The Molift Smart 150 is the best portable hoist for children, if you would like a demonstration, please call AAL LTD on 01772 814555.
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Molift Magnetic Actuators are discontinued

Date added 01/09/2017
Molift Magnetic Actuators are discontinued, any issues please call 01772 814555.
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Medical Weighing Scales - Full range of seca weighing scales

Date added 08/08/2017
AAL LTD launch their new website promoting accessible and easy to access weigh scales, helping people manage their weight. Call 01772 814555 for any advice.
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Medical weighing scales by seca

Date added 17/07/2017
Medical weiighing scales is a website promoting the complete seca range of medical scales.
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How to pickup a disabled person off the floor

Date added 27/03/2017
If you need a product to pickup a disabled person off the floor, the Molift Smart 150 is the perfect solution. Lightweight, foldable and easy to assemble. Weighs 24kg and lifts up to 24 st. from floor to chair. Call 01772 814555 to arrange a demonstra
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Molift QuickRaiser 205

Date added 15/03/2017
The Molift Quickraiser 205 is the new generation active lifter, enabling service users to be raised from a seating position to standing in a natural movement. With a SWL (Safe Working Load) of 205kg.
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What is a ceiling track hoist?

Date added 02/02/2017
A ceiling track hoist is a system which enables the lifting and positioning of highly dependent people who have severe disabilities or those bariatric patients needing to be lifted safely.
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Cruise Ships with Hoists - No longer a dream

Date added 03/01/2017
Cruse Ships with hoists is not a standard option. However, most cruise companies allow travellers to take their own. We have a solution that gives you dignity and the ability to get away on a cruise holiday.
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